Security in Data Communications
When transmitting data, we use bank-level encryption to prevent any potential eavesdropping and tampering
  • Data encryption between users and our servers are encrypted automatically by default.
  • Felo's security uses symmetric-key algorithms such as 2048-bit RSA key pairs and 256-bit AES/DES to protect user data.
  • Your data is encrypted using TLS and HTTPS, including authentication, messages, and operation instructions.
Data Storage Security
Felo provides its trusted services with the help of the security and reliability of Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Data Storage Security
Encrypted storage of user data and unique binding of mobile client data to the device reduces the possibility of data leaks
  • The Felo app uses your operating system security mechanism to separate permissions between apps.
  • Encrypted storage of user data and bound mobile client data to the device reduces the possibility of data leaks.
  • Mobile client data encryption uses a unique key for each device and cannot be viewed when copied to other devices.
Product Safety
Felo provides security features in a variety of ways
  • Account security: Users must be authenticated by a robust dynamic password mechanism or through an entrusted and secure social media account.
  • App usage security: User data is strictly segregated according to permissions, and access to data requires owner approval or sharing.
  • Administrative security: A dedicated administrative back office is provided to ensure unified organizational and authority management by the administrator.
Safety and Compliance
Product safety compliance is always our top priority
  • All user data collected will be managed with the utmost emphasis on user respect and data protection.
  • We will not disclose your information except under certain circumstances, such as when we have your consent or are required to do so by law.